Green RF and Flexible Electronics Projects @ The University of Glasgow

Our Research Projects

Ranging from fundamental research to applied impact- and challenge-led activities

Our Active Projects (Chronological Order)

  • PI: "Mass-Manufacturable Biodegradable Microwave Systems for Next-Generation Sustainable Wireless PCBs (BioWaveS)" EPSRC IAA (£45k, 03/2024-02/2025, Co-I: Jeff Kettle)
  • PI: “UPGRADE: UPskilling for bridging the skills Gap in RF/microwAve inDustries through Engagement & Education” EPSRC IAA (£5k, 2024; Co-I: Rami Ghannam).
  • PI: "A Student-Centred Approach to Independent Hands-On ElectRomagnetics Education using Equivalent Circuits (SCORE)" IEEE Educational Initiatives (Antennas & Propagation Society - $5k), 2024 (Co-I: Rami Ghannam).
  • Co-I: "Automated Nano AnaLysing, characterisatiOn and additive packaGing sUitE (ANALOGUE)" EPSRC Strategic Equipment Grant (£3.1M, 2024-2027, EP/Y015215/1; core team member; PI: Hadi Heidar)
  • PI: "Environmentally-Driven Body-Centric Electromagnetic Co-Sensing" EPSRC ECR International Collaboration (£200kFEC +£50k partner support, 2023-2025, EP/Y002008/1).
  • PI: "ACC2039985: Functional natively stretchAble Materials for body-centric cOmmUnication, Sensing, and powering (FAMOUS) " DSTL (Co-I: S. Kumar; £227k, 2023-2025).
  • Co-PI: "ACC2037863: READ: Reconfigurable IntElligent surfAces for Deployable orthogonal N-LOS communication" DSTL (£100k, 2023-2025).
  • Co-I: "Dielectrophoretic roll system for high performance electronics using contactless selective assembly of nanostructures on large areas (DIELECT)" EPSRC (PI: Hadi Heidari, Co-Is: Jeff Kettle, David Cumming, Mahmoud Wagih, Morteza Amjadi). (£1.08M, 2023-2026; EP/W025752/1).
  • PI: "Sustainable Sensing and Transduction using Microwave Scattering (STEMS)" Royal Society Research Grants. (£70k, 2023-2024; RGS/R1/ 231028).
  • PI: "RF-Powered Sensing in Energy-Deprived Environments (REMINDER)" EPSRC IAA Impact Acceleration Account. (£38k, 2023-2024).
  • Co-I: "Showcase of the 6G test capabilities at the University of Glasgow (SOUL)" EPSRC IAA. (PI: Chong Li, Co-Is: Qammer Abbasi, Hasan Abbas, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Mahmoud Wagih, Edward Wasige); £34k, 2023-2024)
  • PI: "Environmentally-Driven Electromagnetic Co-Sensing" CoSE Rewards for Excellence, UofG College of Science and Engineering (£10k, 2023)
  • PI: "6G Power Amplifiers for Wireless Power Transfer" James Watt School of Engineering ECR Small Equipment Fund (£10k).
  • PI: "Radio Frequency-Enabled Multi-Source Energy Harvesting in Inaccessible Locations" UK Intelligence Community Research Fellowship, Royal Academy of Engineering | Government Office for Science. (£249k FEC, 2021-2023).

  • Previous completed projects

  • PI: "Green RF-Enabled On-Demand Sensing", Flexible Innovation Fund (FIF) project funded under EPSRC Platform Grant EP/P010164/1 (£77k, 2021).
  • Researcher Co-I: "Safe-Guard", a SPRINT-UK (Research England) industry collaboration with MAFIC Ltd. (£49k, 2020-2021)

  • Our project partners and collaborators

    We work on a range of industrial challenges and continuously deliver prototypes and evaluation kits to our partners. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate on any of our projects or around our research interests.


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