Based in the James Watt School of Engineering, University of Glasgow

Green Radio frEquency ENabled Electronics research is supported by Royal Academy of Engineering and the Office of the Chief Science Adviser for National Security through the U.K. Intelligence Community Research Fellowship.

We are part of the Centre for Advanced Electronics (CAE) and the Communication, Sensing, and Imaging (CSI) Hub.

Contact: Dr. Mahmoud Wagih
UK Intelligence Community Research Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer (Ass't. Prof.), University of Glasgow

RF measurements in the lab

Our Research

From using microwaves to deliver power to sensors to wearable antennas which monitor vital signs.

Publication covers


Original and review articles in authoritative venues. Open access from our repository.

Our Funders and Projects

"Using electromagnetism as an energy source to power batteries, is of central importance to designing devices for future threat detection [...] I am looking forward with great anticipation to the outcomes of this cutting-edge research."

- Alex van Someren, Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security to HM Government

We have various collaborators in academia and industry. We are actively working with: the University of Southampton, Loughborough University, UUniversity of British Columbia, University of Rome II Tor Vergata, and others. Our industrial collaborators include: Hitachi Rail, Arm, Nano Dimension, Keysight, and others, in addition to government partners across the defence and intelligence communities.

Highlighted Publications:

Demonstrating RF-enabled sensing with exceptional sensitivity, read-range, and a direct wireless readout, we show how collaborative research between flexible/soft electronics, materials, and RF design could contribute to sustainable joint sensing and communication.

Our special issue invited contribution is featured on the cover of the, IEEE Microwave Magazine, covering RF ice sensing techniques, from the GREEN Electronics Lab in collaboration with the University of British Columnia (UBC)
On the inside cover, photos from our recent testing in the Scottish Highlands can be seen.


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